Grader BV is a Dutch company, founded in 2015, with an international staff that specializes in creating experiences of pure fun. As we take our fun seriously, we wanted to make an engaging photo app that everyone could easily enjoy as much as we do. And we think Grader is exactly that.

All of our Grader staff grew up as avid social media users, so it’s fair to say we’ve always been the ‘early birds’ pecking away at the preferred social media platforms that sparked our interests. Yet none of us ever developed any real intention of creating our own platform until we realized we had to in order to maintain our passion.

So, why did we create Grader?

Well, with other social media photo apps we always felt like our legitimate emotional input was dulled or deflected by auto-reflexive ‘likes’ and lazy-fake ‘comments’ that add little or nothing to any sense of real connection we might have otherwise made through the medium. With Grader however, you can frame your photos in a way that truly values the emotional investment. And at the same time ask for truly legit, thoughtful and considerate feedback in return, so that all photos spark the type of saucy conversation and spicy connection that really gets your pictures sizzling.

Photographs are moments in our lives that realistically capture the perfectly distilled essence of our thoughts, feelings and even our dreams. They’re also funny, funky, goofy, glorious, beautiful, ugly, mad, sad, sexy and silly and we want to honor all of those moments equally.

With the anonymous peek-a-boo type system from Grader, you can generously share all of your moments but, unless and until YOU choose to truly engage in the conversation.

With Grader, you can choose to get in where you fit in, but then, and only then, you get to see what everybody else is thinking and feeling or how the game is really being played.

At Grader we’re all about the photo and we’re all about the game…so let’s play.

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