Do I need Facebook to access Grader?

Absolutely NOT. Of course you’ll have the option to use your Facebook page to login if you like but you’ll also have the choice of simply using your email as a login as well.

Why can’t I automatically see the average Grades of my friend’s photos?

One of the beauties of Grader is that you’ll always need to list your Grade first…before you get to play the Game! So get in there and…be ready to play!

What does the number above the slider represent?

That number on the right hand side above the slider is the total amount of times any photo has already been Graded.

Can everyone see the Grades I give to their photos?

Absolutely NOT! No one can see the Grade you gave their photo but…they can see that their photo has been Graded!

What happens when I Grade a photo?

Only after submitting your Grade will you be able to see the overall average Grade of the pic you chose or be able to read/submit comments on it. And we think that’s where the fun begins…

I clicked wrong and submitted a Grade I didn’t want to/mean to submit. Can I change it?

Too bad but…sorry. On Grader, all Grades are FINAL! so take your time and give it your best…shot.

Can I delete my photo?

Of course. You can always and easily click the options icon in the top right corner and delete your photo.

Can I delete my comments?

Yes you can. All comments, unlike Grades, are not final.  But let’s still agree to play nice…

Why do my photos keep getting low Grades?

Really any number of reasons but we think that’s just another cool part of the Game. Have fun with it and if you don’t like your results then switch it up and go in a completely different direction until you find something that works for you. Or just go with the fluffy kitten pic…seems like those always crush it…

Any additional questions for us?

We’re waiting at- help@gograder.com